Add Breadcrumbs to Quickly Improve SEO

A simple way to improve SEO is to add breadcrumbs.

This small text feature, best displayed above the fold, shows the current page’s position in the site’s hierarchy.

Breadcrumbs improve UX/UI since users know where they are relative to parent pages. This may also get them to click more links, lowering bounce rates.

Furthermore, here’s why it benefits SEO:

  1. They increase the proportion of internal links to hub pages, which contain your essential keywords, helping search engines to understand their importance.
  2. If the pages are well-named, they quickly create ideal anchor text.
  3. You can write structured data for the breadcrumb, allowing basic organic search results for that page to show its trail. This looks cleaner than the default lowercase URL.
Amazon Structured Data Breadcrumb Trail SERPs

Extra tip: If using WordPress alongside the Yoast SEO plugin, define breadcrumbs for your blog posts through primary categories. This looks more appealing than using the blog’s hierarchy for the whole site or home > blog home. It provides richer information for the user while containing more keywords.

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