Good SEO Is Balanced

The very young critic is very much unbalanced. He is strongly in favor of wiping out the old order and starting a new one.

– Henry Ford

Good SEO must balance many factors for the best result.

For instance, improving page speed can go too far by excessively compressing images, leading to poor UI.

Using keywords alone in metadata harms their appeal, reducing clickthrough rates & user engagement.

Over-optimizing anchor text for backlinks can trigger penalties while interfering with partners’ editorial standards.

Pages like case studies, with little direct SEO value, still help. They should be emphasized in the navigation menu and elsewhere if users end up staying longer.

As search engines evolved, this integrative approach became vital. User experience ranking factors like the long click, with search engines measuring how long a user remains on-site before possibly clicking back to search results, are important.

SEO has long moved past DIY manipulation. A great specialist now acts like a product manager. They ensure all the puzzle pieces fit together in a way that so happens to improve SEO.

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