Include Keyword-Rich Anchor Text for Internal Linking

A common SEO mistake, often seen on the homepage, is to use non-descriptive anchor text for internal links.

For example, you may see a CTA that says LEARN MORE. Viewed alone, this isn’t bad as it compels the visitor to explore it.

However, this doesn’t help search engines, or even users, understand that page. This may curtail link value passed to it.

Even Google makes it clear this affects SEO. Their tool Lighthouse, used for improving webpage quality, will flag this as an SEO issue. John Mueller, Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, mentions that good anchor text for internal linking helps their search engine.

Here’s a compromise: have a user-friendly CTA plus an SEO-focused option. Keep LEARN MORE but add a keyword-rich internal link. Put this in the text describing the other page.

EXTRA TIP: it may be safest to have the keyword-rich link first but this likely doesn’t matter anymore.

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