Stay Updated With Google’s Latest SEO Changes

The best source for cutting-edge SEO is shared by Google itself.

SEO basics have long remained the same:

  1. be relevant through keywords
  2. showcase authority through backlinks
  3. ensure a good user experience

However, “the devil is in the details.”

SEO best practices constantly develop as search engines evolve. Recent examples include adding FAQ schema & fraggles to gain more search engine real estate. By getting in tune here, you’ll have an edge over those less informed.

While scattered across various pages, Google’s latest documentation updates is most helpful in consolidating these changes. Google’s Search Central blog explains rationales but doesn’t provide implementation guidelines. Viewing search results themselves can give ideas but may not facilitate action.

This resource also includes ranking updates, at least officially, so you can better determine what causes keyword ranking losses (or gains). More importantly, this allows you to know everything possible today to improve your organic search results.

Never miss a useful SEO insight.