Top 5 Website Redesign/Migration SEO Considerations

Involve SEO in your redesign! It’s essential for site migrations and even if you change an existing page. Here are the top 5 considerations that can be overlooked:

  1. Permanent (301) redirections that map old to new URLs. Make as many inline links as possible direct and without redirect chains. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to crawl the old site to facilitate this while baselining other data.
  2. Assurance that noindex tags, improper canonicals and other technical issues don’t harm organic traffic.
  3. Any content updates will affect keyword rankings. Header tags, though requiring compromise across branding, product & SEO, do matter. This also includes less conspicuous on-page SEO elements like titles & meta descriptions, image attributes & schema. Body text should remain specific enough for important phrases, and decreasing word count is risky.
  4. Internal linking to hub pages, with relevant anchor text (not just LEARN MORE), ideally added via HTML and not JS. As popular today, clickable sections won’t have keyword-rich anchor text by default. This includes site architecture, like increasing click depth due to nav menu changes.
  5. While not specialized in UX, SEOs will recommend usability improvements like breadcrumbs & tables of contents that improve search results too. This also means balancing speed with creative assets.

Taking these steps will limit both the short-term & long-term organic traffic decrease, instead allowing you to reap the full benefits of your changes!

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