Compromise Is Needed for Organic Success!

A vital soft skill to succeed in SEO is… willingness to compromise!

Many SEOs are quick to say that everything is important. While small changes do add up for great SEO, specialists often “can’t see the forest for the trees.”

You must develop a sense of prioritization next to other business goals through experience.

For instance, tech limitations can make SEO recommendations hard to implement. These become very noticeable during a site redesign/migration.

Do you really need to remove those meta keywords? Is this worth being a hardass over?

Here are some examples where compromise makes sense:

However, sometimes you “draw a line in the sand” to preserve authority earned through backlinks or major keyword rankings.

Yet as Google has become more sophisticated, websites now are rewarded for a holistic effort that considers users foremost instead of search engine optimization alone. Keep this in mind before you relentlessly go to battle over every little SEO change!

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